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I have a million little bees 

swarming behind my eyes

in each is carved a name 

the victim of a crime 

Some are called martyrs

Others forgotten by time

Some who should be kings 

Others have no coin 

Each night I go to sleep

tortured by their sting 

I can’t escape the bees 

even in my dreams 

But when I find a pen 

and try to sing their grief 

they disappear like smoke 

Finally I breathe 

Source: rebelrhyming

I have…

precious little time 

and yet I whittle it away

with acrid puffs of tar 

Source: rebelrhyming

Read 'Flute', a different kind of love story

'Flute' is a collaboration between urban poet Ksatriya and artist Suntharan Muniandy. Click the link to read a different kind of love story.

Source: rebelrhyming


the words recede from me 

like rats or roaches from the sunlight

perhaps despairing or disgusted 

at the need for applause and approval…

I am tired. 

Source: rebelrhyming

Student of Life featured on the

Hey, we’re featured in one of Malaysia’s premier hip hop resources. Click the link to check it out, as well as other great music from Malaysia. 

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"Student of Life" theme week at the FB fan page Drop by to suggest a theme for next week! 



Cigarette butts 

on an ash filled floor

A poem forgotten 

and I’m writing some more 

Fallen, Forsaken

bound and broken 

Enlightened, Empowered

raging in silence 

Illuminate, Eradicate

start over again 

A poet and a teacher 

a princely pied pauper 

A treasure for your leasure

A note out at sea

Leader and follower

Neither is me 

A killer who’s a winner 

A wild wall street wrangler 

Watches from the windows 

for a fresh faced harvest

A sad serenade singing 

one man brigade makes 

homemade lemonade from

fresh welfare aid 

A homo heteresexual and 

consenting bisexual 

haunt a frenetic 

dumpster diving dyslexic 

A dreamer and a schemer 

with dead distant demeanor 

dumps a dubstep drummer 

for a drunk dame who’s dimmer 

(These are the things I’ve seen)

(These are the things I’ve seen)

I’m a pissed off Percenter

and a person of colour 

A previous homeowner 

looking for a present buyer 

A peripheral savvy

lipstick heavy 

long lash, luscious booty

stick thin skank 

A sometimes sexy and 

super scent-heavy 

a greencard-crazy 

gold digging little brat 

damaged goods and destitute 

livin’ on a playa

paying for the living by 

playing on his flute 

Tales for the telling and 

songs for the asking 

Food for the wanting and 

drink for the dying 

Hell for the pious and 

heaven for the devil 

Hope for the lost and a 

harlot at the saddle 

Wishes come true and 

the curses you choose 

(Pain so bad it turns to pleasure again)

I’m not anyone special and cannot be considered wise 

but some things I’ve learned 

as a Student of Life 

Performed by Ksatriya

Written, Composed and Arranged by Ksatriya 

Special composition credits to Samwise for the guitar solo. Thanks bro!

Recorded and Mixed at Samwise Music, Penang

Source: rebelrhyming / Ksatriya

Orang Merdeka


Kita kan semua Orang Merdeka

Bukan biri-biri meminta gembala

Kita kan semua Orang Merdeka

Bukan biri-biri menunggu gembala

Jika disuruh diam


Kita kan semua

Orang Merdeka

Jika diarah jangan berarak

Jika disuruh diam sahaja

Jika diarah jangan bertanya

Jawablah kita ORANG MERDEKA! 

Jika laungan disahut baton dan air kimia

Jangan kita takut dan jangan kita gentar

Anak Malaysia kita di jalan yang benar

Penjajah dan pencuri akan jatuh jua

Dibaham semarak

Orang Merdeka


-Ksatriya, Dec 2011

Source: rebelrhyming

We’re doing flash poetry/songs at the facebook fan page!  Here’s a short teaser from this week’s theme “Disney Fairytale”. You can contribute your ideas by dropping a comment at the fan page. Will put up the full version ASAP. Travelling right now :)

Source: rebelrhyming / Ksatriya

Taking a walk on the coffee-induced crazy side. Time: 10 mins! (or so)

In urban Durban

there’s a turban

fraught with follicles

from former owners 

Locked in a tower

it has no power 

but men so wise

think otherwise! 

Some say it starts a fire 

others say it makes water

Some say it will bring good luck

if you but rub it on a duck! 

and so ministers are bought

and long wars are fought  

for a chance to dance 

with the divine

til all the walls come down

and the tower is gone

but BEHOLD! The Turban 

can’t be found! 

Source: rebelrhyming